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GBVotes is a unique and pioneering project that aims at improving the participation of ordinary citizens in electoral process by promoting inclusion, ensuring openness and providing timely and reliable information, using social media tools and technologies.

The objective of GBVotes is to provide all stakeholders in the electoral process a voice on digital media to ensure that nothing is left unreported. GBVotes is committed to provide a platform where credible election related information can be reported, mapped and shared.

GBVOTES is not an election monitoring organization/initiative. We are a group of field reporters, regional journalists and citizen journalists trying to share information about the election process, in order to engage the common people in the democratic process, and create an atmosphere of dialogue, informed decision-making and healthy democracy.

GBVOTES will also make an active effort to highlight violations of the code of conduct, to help the authorities in identifying, and fixing gaps that might hamper the democratic process. We encourage our readers to be reporters.