Gilgit: (PR) Mr. Shehbaz Khan Advocate Vice Chairman Gilgit Baltistan, in a press release, has categorically rejected the recent statement of Vikas Swarup Spokesman of External Affairs of Indian  Government declaring the  Gilgit  Baltistan as integral part of India and the terming the elections held in GB  on June 8  an attempt by Pakistan to camouflage its forcible and illegal occupation,”

Mr. Shehbaz Khan showed  his  surprise on the baseless & repeated claims of Indian Government over Gilgit Baltistan and the allegation of illegal occupation of Pakistan over the area. Mr. Khan reminded the Indians to   admit the historical fact that Gilgit Baltistan never remained part of India or even the Region of Kashmir. Rather the Gilgit Baltistan was forcibly & illegally occupied by the Dogra Regime of State of Jammu & Kashmir in 1865 which kept this region under its clutches till the liberation on 1st November 1947, when the Dogra Regime was thrown away by the brave people of Gilgit Baltistan.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan stated that  72000 Square Kilimeter area of Gilgit Baltistan was liberated as a result of “popular liberation movement of the local people”  without any external help. Raja Shah Rais Khan remained first President of the revolutionary Government of Islamic Republic of Gilgit till 16th November, 1947 when Sardar Alam Khan took over the administrative control of Gilgit & Baltistan on behalf of Pakistan  as a result of unconditional & voluntarily accession with Pakistan by the revolutionary leadership.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan said that  the claim of Indian Government on GB and allegation of illegal occupation of Pakistan over Gilgit Baltistan is  unfounded & unrealistic allegation.The Pakistan & Pakistanis exist in Gilgit Baltistan as a result of  free will and consent of the people of GB since 16th November, 1947.


Mr. Shehbaz Khan Advocate emphasized that missing of Gilgit Baltistan in the territories defined in the Constitution of Pakistan , is a serious concern  and no doubt,  is a political dilemma and a base of sense of deprivation of the people of GB as well but it does not give any right to India to claim over GB. The people of GB don,t consider GB as a “disputed territory” because GB was got liberated in 1947 by the people of GB themselves not by any other external force including Pakistan. Thus the people of GB are justified to totally reject such kind of stances taken by anyone in this regard which surely undermines their sacrifices given for independence.


Mr. Shehbaz Khan admitted that, the people of GB are extremely disappointed as they have been denied from their constitutional & democratic rights since independence… and they have serious concerns about the continuation of discriminatory treatment with the people of GB by the Rulers sitting in Islamabad.. Mr. Khan said that “No doubt the Governing in GB is based on a colonial remote controlled system through issuance of Executive Orders by the Ministry of K & GB Islamabad since decades, including the present Governance Order 2009, which is clear violation of judgment and orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan given on 28th May 1999 in the case Aljehad Trust Versus Federation of Pakistan to give the people of GB a Self Government & an Independent Judiciary guaranteed under the constitution…but even then …..it does not mean that people in GB have any complaint against the “State of I R of Pakistan”. The  love and affection of neglected and disgruntled people of GB with Pakistan is unimaginable & unmatchable as Pakistan lives in their blood, hearts & minds which makes them more loyal and committed than any other citizens of four provinces of Pakistan enjoying all sort of constitutional and democratic rights but unfortunately the rulers sitting in Islamabad  have never realized the true sentiments of the people of GB by treating them as third grade citizens.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan pointed out that actually the people of GB are making a new history by “struggling for amalgamation and becoming as constitutional part of Pakistan” since 1947, whereas the centuries old history of  Political Science does not provide even a single instance of such kind rather the same provides all political struggles meant for independence and liberty.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan advised that everyone, including Indian Government, should keep in mind that the Gilgit Pakistan is not an forcible occupied territory of Pakistan, rather it is a territory liberated by the people of GB themselves and they have duly made accession with Pakistan with free will and consent thus it is responsibility of Federation of Pakistan to recognize the sacrifices of the people of GB and respect their sentiments by bringing at par with other citizens of Pakistan in respect of constitutional, democratic and economical rights.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan Advocate warned that In the current geo political situation when the Indians are extra ordinary active with regard to affairs of Gilgit Baltistan including the issue of Pakistan China Economic Corridor ,   it is high time  for Federation of Pakistan to resolve the most sensitive & prolonged issue of   Constitutional status of GB and rights of the people living herein on emergency footings. Further delay in abolishing the presentcolonial system & denial of constitutional rights will cause irreparable loss to the interests of Pakistan in this sensitive region, which in fact is Jugular Vein for Pakistan.

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